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Our Clinic

As Queen Dental Antalya dental clinic, we provide services to our patients by offering the most affordable prices for all dental disease treatments and dental care. In our dental clinic, we offer all dental care applications such as crown bridge, dental veneer, dental implant, graft, prosthesis, etc.

Our professional clinical team and dentists offer you the most appropriate solutions and all your medical needs in the most economical way. In all of our operations, we try to produce solutions to meet the expectations of the patient.

We understand very well that our patients generally come to a foreign country from abroad and hesitate to have their teeth treated and concern about the procedures to be performed. With a nice trip to Antalya with Queen Dental, you can be sure that we will make your vacation and ensure that you are treated in a stress-free and safe way.

In addition, we can use special anesthesia-sedation for our patients with special fear and phobia against the dentist. In this way, our patient who experiences fear can be treated peacefully and calmly without bad memories during treatment. Special anesthesia applied has a rapid effect compared to general anesthesia and is advantageous in terms of being harmless.

Our doctors are not only limited to Turkey, but also follow new technologies by participating in European conferences and fairs and always improve themselves for new techniques. In particular, our dentists in our clinic are specialized in Implantology and sinus operations and are highly experienced.

Our Laboratory

Our dental clinic and dental laboratory save us time in terms of both speed and quality control. All materials used in our laboratory are of high quality and certified.

Production is made by using 3D modelling methods without leaving room for error in productions and by using all innovations brought by technology. All employees in our laboratory are qualified and highly experienced in their work. We support our dental technicians in participating in the seminars necessary for them to improve themselves and to have knowledge of the latest techniques and new products.

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